La Bella School - Makeup Artistry - SFX Makeup - Airbrush Makeup

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"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist"
- Pablo Picasso

La Bella School is one of the only beauty schools in Connecticut that offers programs solely in hair styling & makeup artistry.  We train our students to look beyond your basic application and to see the true art in makeup.  We train you to undertand the bone structure of the canvas your are working on, we train you in the laws and the theory  of color, we educate our students on the history of makeup and how it has evolved and grown throughout the years.  What makes La Bella School special is the detail and time that is put into your training and education. We understand that everyone learns differently, so each class there are 2 hours set aside for theory work and lecture from your booklets, then we have 2 hours of time for your practical work.  Creative photo's of our students and their work are captured each week because we want them to grow a stunning portfolio to showcase their work.
As a part of each program we offer business guidelines and structures to help you begin the proper career that you've always dreamed of.  We welcome you to a gratifying and wonderful career in the beauty industry.

Mission Statement:  
La Bella School is here to encourage the beginners as well as those who are more advanced in their craft who seek to enhance their professional practices by training with Mrs. Sammel to become an accomplished makeup artist and stylist